Every owner of a summer cottage or another housing has dreams about his own suburban bathhouse. Not always, it is possible to build it, though. Bathhouse construction is long and costly, needs a lot of time and space in the plot. The economically correct solution will be installation of a bath-barrel. Besides bath-barrels, we also produce and install wooden tubs and arbours for having a rest. The interior of the bath houses is universal, but is made up taking into account each customer’s individual demand and includes a steam room, benches, windows, wood-burning furnace Harvia together with special stones, ventilation, electro installation and lighting, as well as running electric water heater installed in the shower area of the bath house, a glass door that separates a steam room from the relaxation area, two benches, a wooden hanger, as well as there is an opportunity to re-equip the relaxation area turning it into the sleeping area. The biggest part of the wooden interior is made of black alder. The framing of our bath-barrels is made of qualitatively processed fir timber of A and B categories and consists of an 8 mm wide panoramic glass window installed in the relaxation area of the bath house, an awning with a projector equipped with a motion sensor, a roof made of asphalt shingles and a chimney. Constructions of our bath-barrels are strengthened with the help of stainless steel hoops. We emphasize the practicality, environmental friendliness and durability of our bath-barrels, manufacturing which they are processed with special environmentally friendly components, which protect the timber from decay, fungi and mold.